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The Use Of Listening Devices In The Private Detective Industry

Employee Stealing
It is possible that your employee is stealing company time and resources playing around on the internet, when they are supposed to be working. The internet has many useful and interesting facts and entertaining information that can draw the user in. Before they know it they have been playing a game or even watching You Tube Videos for over an hour when that urgent work has been ignored on the work desk.

Why should You Monitor?
How do you monitor the use and track the hours spent being unproductive? It might not only be the time spent on the computer that could damage your company; it is the content of the information searched on your equipment. Visiting objectionable websites on a work PC can expose the company to legal risks this could include a work colleague being exposed to unsuitable images and content on the culprit’s machine. This is without the whole security breach that just one click of a button can open up like dangers from malware or other intrusions. This could also cause a huge exposure of delicate information such as business strategy, customer confidentiality among other problems.

Small Business Monitoring
It is probably a good idea to hire a private detective company who will be able to install the right equipment for the size of your company and the industry that you are in. The detective will show you how the monitoring works, such as what it will monitor and how you can translate the information. It is best to be upfront about the monitoring with your staff and tell then the reasoning behind your decision to bring it in. Employee privacy is paramount so to be informed of any monitoring will be within the law. This can also act as a deterrent against any unsuitable internet activity.

What About Filters And Blockers?
There are security tools that filter or block web and e-mail content. Some content filters block inappropriate content or sites from being searched and they also prevent e-mailers sending or receiving files where the recipient or the sender is not recognised or if the file is over a certain size. These are a good tools to prevent web surfing and personal e-mails which will stop any problems before they start.

What Else Can Be Monitored?
Computer monitoring software can detect a myriad of information from the PC. E-mail content sent and received, websites visited, key strokes typed and much more. The information is collected and sent to an email address of your choice in a report format. The information can be analysed and checked to identify any potential problems that can be dealt with immediately. Whatever you find can be sorted out quickly and easily as it should only just have started. If you find that someone has a solitaire addiction you can send out a blanket email just as a reminder that you are watching but if you find someone is giving away company secrets you will have the proof to take disciplinary action.

Charlie Hodgson, along with other private detectives within the industry has gained a vast knowledge and understanding of surveillance equipment, gadgets and computer software. In the many years that he has carried out investigations and surveillance services for business he has used employee computer monitoring with great success to find out the truth. If you would like to read more information like this please visit

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