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Three Apps For Android To Help You Get In Shape

There are thousands of ways that anyone can obtain exercise, but a limited amount of time each day and busy schedules often dictate that we exercise in the most efficient ways possible. In years past, exercise was more common throughout the day due to occupations that required more physical activity and labour, but our increasingly sedentary way of life has led a majority of the population into routines that are not beneficial for cardiovascular activity and strength training. Technology can be a double-edged sword in many respects, but it can also be a beneficial solution to the modern problem we face when it comes to lack of physical activity. Many different mobile applications now exist that can empower users and help them obtain valuable exercise on a daily basis. In the following article, we will cover three of these apps for Android and how each one can help you achieve a better lifestyle.

Runtastic Running & Fitness

When we lived outdoors, and for much of human history, the need for running was a staple of life. Whether you had to traverse long distances or escape a dangerous situation, the ability to run is a sign of proper health and helps keep our bodies in shape. If you have not kept up on your need for cardiovascular activity, then you may benefit from the Runtastic Running & Fitness app. Available for download from Google Play, Runtastic Running & Fitness allows users to track their jogging, running and walking routes via GPS. You can see the amount of time you have been running, your estimated heartbeat, the number of calories burned and the overall distance traversed. These results can be saved and monitored over time to see how much you have progressed. This app is free and can be a great way to encourage proper daily cardiovascular activity.

JEFIT Workout

Anyone who needs assistance with proper form while exercising will appreciate the JEFIT Workout app, available for free via Google Play. Included in the app are hundreds of tutorials for workouts that can tone and strengthen arms, legs, your core and other targeted muscles. Users will be able to record how many reps or laps they do each day and plot their progress via the use of interactive graphs. You can also create customized exercise plans from the hundreds of exercises available in its database. The smart logging system can even be used to decipher when you lift a weight or do a rep, and will automatically log that in the application.

Stretch Exercises

If you want to be primed and ready to exercise, then stretching goes a long way toward proper form and optimal performance. The Stretch Exercises app for Android includes more than fifty unique stretching exercises for your arms, legs, back, shoulders and torso. When running or lifting, it can be easy to damage or pull a muscle if you have not properly warmed up beforehand. With the Stretch Exercises app – available for free via Google Play – you can avoid this fate and use the interactive tutorials and videos to ensure that you will not succumb to this fate.
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Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger with Fitness Equipment, dealers in exercise bikes and other gym equipment. She enjoys painting and is currently working on her photography skills.


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