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5 Great IPhone Apps For Dance Teachers


In today’s world, it seems that no matter what your career or vocation is technology offers you tools that can help you with your craft. Being a dance teacher is no exception. Smartphone apps have become very popular tools in a variety of professions, and there are plenty that dance instructors can benefit from as well. 

If you are an instructor looking for ways to improve your class, new tools for teaching, or just a great resource for all things dance-related, there are plenty of neat mobile device applications available to you. Here are five excellent apps for iPhone users that every dancer instructor can benefit from and use to take their classes to a new level. 

Coach’s Eye is a fantastic tool that is used by coaches and teachers all over the world. Whether it’s sports or dancing, this app allows you to really offer a lot of great insight to your students when trying to improve their technique. Using this app, you can record your students dancing and then slow down the recording in order to dissect and analyze their technique and movements. It’s great for working with students individually or helping a group of dancers polish up their routine. 

This is a resource that no dance instructor should be without. No matter where you are, this app will help you to find anything you might need. Whether you are looking for the best dancewear stores in your area or you want to take your class to a dance performance and want to see what’s going on in your vicinity, this app can give you the goods. If you are in between jobs and looking for a new studio, this app comes in very handy as well, listing studios big and small in your region of the country. 

When it comes to recitals and competitions, getting your choreography down is serious business. This app will allow you to organize and notate your dancers’ choreography right on your smartphone. Use this app to write out the choreography in eight-count sheets, add music to your choreography via iTunes and share the choreography with your students so that they can study up in between classes. 

If you are a ballet instructor or you want to learn more about ballet, this is the app for you. It’s a dictionary of ballet terms that is not only very extensive, but updated regularly as well. Not only does the app help to define ballet terms, it also helps you pronounce them correctly and teach them effectively. Most of the terms even come with pictures and examples that make it easier to understand the terms so that you can integrate them into your classes easily. 

This is yet another great resource for getting your choreographies in order. Use Dance Journal to keep track of all of your routines and map out all of the steps that you want to include in your upcoming choreographies. The app even allows you to add videos to go along with the written records you are keeping. If you have a lot of different classes and choreographies to work out, this app is a life saver. It’s very well organized and allows you to easily sort the various records you keep of choreographies, steps and exercises in all your classes. 

These five iPhone apps can definitely help any dance teacher to “get a leg up” in class.

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The author of this post is Emma William, a part of the team at AfroLAtino Dance Company, specialists in Latin dance in Toronto. A tech enthusiast, she is always on the lookout for the latest gadgets to hit the marketplace.


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