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Fed Up Of The Usual Office Slops? Try A Technical Slant On An Old Favourite Instead!

No matter how awesome your workplace is, there is always one thing that lets it down, and it’s usually the food. This is why there’s usually an exodus between the hours of noon and 2pm, and sadly this can be detrimental to your productivity levels. Some employees are happier to sit in their cars munching on their sandwiches, whilst others head off to the nearest pub for a beer and some pizza. If this is the case, perhaps you should take another look at how you cater for their basic needs. This article is bringing a few Kickstarter options to your attention. They both offer a more technical alternative to the usual slapdash approach we are used to in our workplaces all over the country.
The biggest problem faced by most office catering outfits is trying to produce quality food on a tight budget. That never really works and at some point a compromise is made, and the food usually becomes a secondary consideration, which really sucks big time! Kinderhook Snacks recognise this major bump in the road and have already received enough funding to make their visionary ethos a reality. They decided to bake their way into the office workers hearts and have produced some of the tastiest cookie creations known to man. Just imagine the smiles on your employees’ faces as these delectable snacks become a daily guilty pleasure. No more limp lettuce sandwiches and you can even suggest some new recipes for these powerhouse bakers. Each and every cookie will be oven fresh and the only thing your fussy workers will have to worry about is whether there are any left for them to munch on!
If you are a bit of a foodie, you probably really enjoy those moments when you bite into something technically delicious and totally yummy. The amount of sheer work and imagination that goes into making a really classic dish is considerable. And then you get the other type of food, usually in the workplace. This is akin to a slightly more expensive version of school dinners. You have to queue a little longer in school, but the end product is the same – Gross! This was the inspiration behind our second Kickstarter project we are featuring. Nomables feel your pain and they have the good stuff ready to offer a scrumptious alternative to crappy office food, and then some! They choose only the best ingredients and have travelled the globe for mouth-watering recipes in a bite sized portion. They have been sized specifically to fit a whole office-sized trolley and have already hit some rave reviews across the country. The great news is that Nomables have already hit their funding target and should be an office favourite before too long. If they are not available in your office at the time of reading this article, check out the link and see why the heck not! They’ll add a serious spring to your employees’ step and certainly make your workplace a lot happier!
Happy Lunchbreaks!  
They say the way to a happy office worker’s heart is via their stomachs, so do the decent thing and check out these two bad boys right away!
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The author of this post is Travis, a part of the team at Commercial Space Toronto, providers of industrial property for sale in Toronto. A tech enthusiast, he is always on the lookout for the latest gadgets to hit the marketplace.

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