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Three Great E-Books For Honing Your Fitness And Swimming Skills

While many people live within a short distance of a beach or body of water, many never bother to learn the proper techniques and styles that any good swimmer possesses. This can lead to incidents where individuals find themselves in dangerous aquatic situations or lack the proper skills to enjoy summertime fun with their friends. Nobody wants to be caught in this situation, nor does anyone want to remain perpetually unfit. Swimming is one of the best ways to release stress, burn calories and build muscle – all without having to engage in a high-impact form of exercise. Various classes exist to help individuals with fitness and swimming skills, but some people prefer to learn at their own pace and do so via technology. Below, we will outline three e-books available for download from Google Play that can be used to learn more about proper swim techniques and how to get the maximum amount of health benefits from it.

The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Swimming

Many people may want to use swimming pools and aquatic exercise as a way to get into shape, but some swimmers also work out for the sole purpose of being able to swim even better than before. Nobody wants to run out of energy or endurance while in the water, so it is important that both your upper and lower body are prepared for any situation. The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Swimming e-book is a fantastic way to learn more about the various types of exercises that can be used to strengthen your body and get into great shape for the pool. Inside its pages are descriptions and details for more than 100 different swimming-related workouts that can help you build mass and burn fat. Currently available for just $10, this e-book may be the perfect way to begin optimizing your swimming skills and to get in shape.

Mastering Swimming

The proper techniques can make the difference between an ineffective and dangerous swimming workout and an optimal routine that benefits both your body and mind. The Mastering Swimming e-book on Google Play can be a vital resource for those who want to ensure that their swimming techniques are on-par. Renowned coaches Mo Chambers and Jim Montgomery have come together in order to create this excellent resource, which covers stroke instruction, freestyle and breaststroke techniques, as well as workout plans for competition and fitness-related activities. You can download the Mastering Swimming e-book for just $10 from Google Play.

Fitness Swimming

If you want to combine proper techniques with maximum fitness, then you must check out the Fitness Swimming e-book, currently available for $10 via Google Play. Readers will be able to find dozens of different training programs that walk you through each exercise and explain just how and why each one is beneficial to your body. Whether you want to build upper body strength or shed a few pounds, there are multiple routines available in this e-book to help you achieve your goals. Even if you are a beginner, Fitness Swimming is an excellent aid and one that you will benefit from with commitment and willpower.
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