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Three Android Apps For Professional Sound Engineers

It can be very cumbersome to take every tool you own onto every small job. Decibel meters, frequency monitors, and tone generators are a few of those tools that are needed but not necessarily wanted on every job. However, thanks to the proliferation of mobile phones and Android technology, we have the solution for you! Not only can your phone be a simple recorder, but it can now be a decibel meter, frequency monitor/detector, and a tone generator! Here are three apps that can be found on Google Player: Sound Meter, Spectrum Analyzer, and Pro Audio Tone Generator.

Sound Meter

A decibel meter, especially on a simple job, can be irritating to have: it’s a sensitive instrument that needs to be carefully stored, needs to be kept up with, and is non-upgradeable. The ability to have your decibel meter within your smart phone, though, could be a solution to all of those problems. Introducing Sound Meter for Android. Sound Meter is a handy, free app with a 4.3 rating on Google Play. It has a great interface in the shape of a meter and chart that allows you to see real-time decibel levels, and it also allows you to see the chart of them for the past thirty seconds. It is important to keep in mind that, when using your smart phone for this type of application, the microphone inside of your phone is in fact limited to a certain range. It varies by phone, so you may want to check that out.

Pro Audio Tone Generator

The final addition to your digital toolbox should be a tone generator. Being that this is a popular tool (for many reasons), there are quite a few that are competing for your attention. The best one that we have found is Pro Audio Tone Generator. Among the several features that we find in this app that are not available in others is the ability to choose either the left, the right, or both speakers for audio output, instant preset tones on the left for you to immediately choose from without having to roll the dial, and the ability to choose the type of wave (sine, square, etc.). This tool is most commonly used for “ringing out” a room, also known as finding what frequencies will naturally reverberate and thereby cause feedback. Again, this app is much better than only using a phone because you have the ability to send the sound out through the headphone jack to much larger, more powerful speakers.

Spectrum Analyzer

The next tool that every professional sound engineer needs to have migrated from their tool box to their Android phone is the spectrum analyzer. Coincidentally, the next incredibly handy app is aptly titled Spectrum Analyzer. This spectrum analyzer is mostly useful for its visuals. The best parts about this app are its price tag and rating: 4.0 and free. This app should definitely be on the radar of any technician who is on a budget. This app can also be used to detect signals that can interfere with hearing aids and other sensitive audio equipment.
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The author of this post, Wayne Bendtner, works at Autex, a company specializing in manufacturing internal linings. When he is not working, he spends most of his time listening to music or indulging in some jamming sessions with his buddies.


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