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Software Apps To Help You Win In The Courtroom

In today’s fast-paced legal world, legal apps are becoming more important than ever before, allowing lawyers to check on important information or keep up to date with their caseload, no matter where they may be. These apps can eliminate the need to get back to the office to cite a legal reference or the disaster of being caught unprepared just before an important case.

JuryTracker is an iPad app that is designed to help lawyers keep track of the jury during the court case. Including tools to help improve jury observation, to share notes with other members of the legal team and to quickly look up important information about any given juror, JuryTracker is a must have for any lawyer expecting to argue a case in front of a jury. 

JuryTracker can be especially useful for lawyers who are dealing with cases where complex issues of law or fact are being discussed. It enables the lawyer to easily keep track of those jurors who seem to understand the case and those who the lawyer will have to pay extra attention to in order to ensure that he or she is getting the point across.

Black’s Law Dictionary

Black’s Law Dictionary is the single most important legal reference for practicing lawyers, and the app for Black’s Law Dictionary 9th Edition makes it possible to have the entire dictionary in a convenient, searchable form. Available for all platforms, this app can ensure that a lawyer never has to delay his or her legal work in order to head to the local law library and makes it possible to conduct legal research anywhere the lawyer happens to be. This app also makes talking to clients quite a bit easier, since the lawyer can quickly answer their questions over the phone or via email.


With more and more lawyers keeping much of their legal documentation in electronic form, having a reliable third-party data storage service can be vital to a lawyer's practice. Not only does Dropbox allow the lawyer to share his or her files between devices while maintaining security, it protects both the lawyer and the client from the disaster of a crashed hard drive or other accidents. Dropbox is especially useful for those lawyers who travel a great deal and who wish to avoid the inconvenience of carrying a large number of hardcopy documents and letters.


In today’s busy world, CallTrack provides invaluable assistance to a lawyer who is trying to keep track of the billable hours based on his or her phone calls. With the ability to easily log outgoing and incoming calls by name and even track missed calls, CallTrack can help ensure that there is no question about how much time a lawyer spent consulting with his or her client over the phone. 

Keeping up with the increasingly fast-paced legal world is a vital part of a lawyer’s duties. By using these apps to help improve his or her workflow, a lawyer can be assured of improving her productivity both inside and outside the courthouse. Not only that, these apps can drastically improve a lawyer's ability to ensure that his or her client receives the best possible representation.

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