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How To Fit Technology With Your Overall 'Look'

There was a time when technology was considered bulky, cumbersome and ugly. The image that we had in mind when we thought of 'technology' was normally of a big desktop PC and it certainly wasn't glamorous (even if they do have something of a 'retro cool' now).
But today all that has changed. It started with the iPod, but since then it has spread throughout the entire industry. Technology is now smaller, sleeker and sexier - and flaunting your iPad or your Surface Pro is now the in-thing to do. In short, technology is now an accessory in the same way that your jewellery is. So how are you going to make it work as part of your overall image?
The Overarching Vision
Of course the best way to make your technology more personalised and more stylish is to use cases, decals and generally anything that can add some colour or style to the usual shiny black plastic. This will make your item stand out and show that you've put thought into it, which will make it instantly more impactful and cooler.
But just sticking any old cover on your phone isn't going to cut it. If you really want to make your technology stand out, then you need to think about the overarching vision and you need to think about how it all fits into your grand plan.
Instead then, think about the kinds of clothes you normally wear, your watch and critically the bag your technology is going to go in. My laptop has a beautiful coffee coloured leather case, and this works perfectly with the brown leather bag giving my technology a studious and aged feeling. This wouldn't work nearly so well if I had a silver watch and a black bag. Of course you can always take this further by having multiple cases and decals for different occasions.
Think about your clothes, your jewellery and everything else - and then tie it all in.
The Customisation
Of course it's also possible to customise the actual technology itself in a number of ways, and you might choose to do this by changing the themes, by altering the wallpaper etc.
Whatever you decide to do though, you should think about how it all fits in. Some decals you can buy online will even come with a background to match - so that it looks like your entire device is encase in stars and the text is glowing through them. Alternatively you could feature your other accessories in your customisation. How about a wallpaper that's a high definition image of the ring you're wearing? Amazing attention to detail will really win you points here.
The Device
You also need to think about the device itself and what it says about you. Are you a technology fiend who wants an obscure device running Linux? Are you an arty type who loves Apple? Or are you a business executive who wants to work on something sleek and black from Microsoft?
Your technology is part of your identity these days in the same way jewellery is - so give it the thought it deserves.
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The author of this post, Ryan Hall, has a keen interest in technology and resorts to guest blogging to share his thoughts and reviews. He is part of the team at Lior Diamonds, providers of fancy colored diamonds in Chicago.


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