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Get Your Sleeping Habits Back On Track With These Smartphone Apps!

Can you remember the last time that you woke up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world? Do you get irritated by the effortless way your partner seems to be able to fall asleep, before their head even hits the damn pillow? If this is the case, you are probably suffering from a form of Insomnia, along with millions of other individuals out there. This condition is no laughing matter and can lead to a serious group of symptoms if not treated correctly. Anxiety attacks and stress are just a few of the after effects of sleep deprivation, so it’s wise to seek medical help when this condition prevails. You may also benefit from looking at what your lovely Smartphone has to say about this matter. This article reviews a couple of the latest Sleep Aid Apps available on the various Markets right now – Enjoy!
aSleep By Signs Studios - $0.99
This app will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 5.0 or later for smooth running. We fell in love with the design of this cool little App as soon as we clapped eyes on the cute little sheep hopping over those sweet little fences, but how good is it really? Well, aSleep have been creating sleep aid Apps for the iOS platform since way back in 2008, and they are proud of this fact! Once you download aSleep, you will have access to 65 high quality soundtracks that include some classic sleep aid features. You’ll get most of the natural tracks here as well as some white noise, various instruments and even some lullabies. If you’re unsure of what track you want to sleep with, simply shake the Smartphone for an instant random shuffle selection! With onboard Retina display support included as well as a nice alarm clock option, we can recommend this App to poor sleepers everywhere.
Baby Sleep Aid by Eiswuxe – Free
This Android App is for the little guys and gals in our lives, and boy do they ever need help at bedtime! Babies are notoriously difficult to deal with in the evening and night time, it would be awesome if we had an on/off button to use. Well, this app has been tested on a myriad of babies and the results look pretty slick indeed. Each soundtrack has been ‘baby tested’ and the reviews so far look very positive. There is a wide choice of soundtracks to choose from and although some of them seem a little ‘out there’ they should do the trick nicely. Even the sound of a hair dryer has been known to convince our little angels to slip off sweetly, so you will be spoilt for choice with the selection on offer. The trick is to allow these tracks to play as background noise whilst your baby is chilling out. Eventually they will focus on one of the soundtracks and start to doze off, that’s the plan anyway!
Sweet Dreams From Your Smartphone!
2 very different Apps that offer all of us some relaxing times  - Enjoy!
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: The author of this post is Will Reily, an employee at CPAPOnly, leading suppliers of CPAP machines. Will loves playing basketball and going to the games on weekends.


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