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Online And Mobile Child Protection Software Packages

Protect Your Children
Weather it is on a PC, Laptop, tablet or mobile phone many children can find themselves victims of cyber bullying or have the attention of an online paedophile. It is up to the parents to provide protection from these dangers while the child in online or on their mobile. Talking about the possibilities of cyber bullying and online grooming with your children is good practice but you can do more with child protection software. The effects of this kind of crime on, not only the child but the whole family are devastating and can take years for a child to get over it. This does not have to be the case; there is software available to keep track of who your children are communicating with on their devices and what is being said or what photographs are being exchanged.

How Does The Software Keep My Children Safe?
The computer and mobile software can do a number of things to keep your child safe online or on their phone. Different software can provide different levels of protection and different ways of providing that protection. Some software can give you everything that happens on your child’s computer or phone in a report format that you can analyse and then take action if you need to such as blocking a contact that doesn’t seem right or detecting and warning of any problem words or phrases that have been used in the conversation. There is software that will detect cyber bullying itself and will terminate the conversation, block the perpetrator and inform the parents of its actions by SMS text message. Most computer and phone software will block inappropriate content and malware. It also has the ability for you to view any photographs posted by your child before it gets posted for real and they will not suspect that you are keeping track of what they are doing.

What Software Is Available?
There are many software packages available on the internet from free bottom line web-filtering apps that effectively block porn and malware but these lack the ability to blacklist links or enable you to customise your filter to age or behaviour. The more expensive packages offer blacklisting and customisation while also monitoring many actions on your child’s computer such as, keystrokes typed, webcam shots, webpage browsing. Some software packages can monitor all the activity on a computer - up to 3 computers and include tracking emails, texts, and calls on smartphones. Real time alerts notify you of any risks from predators on social networks etc. Being able to see what your child is browsing on the internet can give an insight into have they are thinking. If you child is quiet or subdued it could be something they do not wish to talk to you about, however they may be talking on line or on their phone to someone about it. If you have the software you can find out what is up without talking to the child about it and not have to worry any longer.

Charlie Hodgson is a private detectives who has vast experience in the private detective industry and with investigating various spy equipment, gadgets and software. Over the years of investigation he has become very knowledgeable in child monitoring software for computers and mobile phones. For more articles relating to this and other private detective articles please contact

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