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I hope you have come here to find Free Skype Credits for you. In one line, there is no such system which will provide you Free Skype Credits to make you phone call from your Skype account. If anyone says he can give it to you, then he is simply making you fool.

Why I say so? Just go through the details below.

Let me make you aware of those who promise you to get you Free Skype Credits. There is no software of system except Skype who can get you Free Skype Credits. If anyone promising you then he is making you fool. Why I am telling this is, I have tested it more than 100 times before writing this post. I found many people are getting cheated with this false promising software. If you Google this then you will find a lot of blogs and websites where many posters promise you to give you software which will generate Skype credit codes for you of any denomination.

Do you think Skype is fool or you are being made fool by that idiot. What actually you are going to get is, when you click the download link of that software, it will take you to a survey site where you will be asked to complete a survey after which you will be getting the download link. Even you completed the survey, then what you get, software; you never know it, to download. Once you install it, you are just letting that programmer to get access your system to hack. Because he has already made this for hacking purpose. He got benefited by 2 means from you, 1st is the survey you completed which let him earn some bucks and the 2nd is by installing the software you have given access to him to access your computer. He can monitor your key logs, screen shots and many more which you cannot think of. You will even do not come to know what he will be doing with your system. And by the time you come to know, everything is finished. You are ruined.

When you have installed the software, there will be some attractive demo for it, how to use it and how to get the code etc. when you practically apply it, finally it will tell you that the software is outdated or some funny reason and that point of time you will realize that you have wasted your time and the programmer would have achieved his target by that time too.

So, it is my sincere advice to you all, please do not get exploited with such false promises made by many hackers and land in trouble. There is no software available on internet which will get you Free Skype Credits.  If at all you want free Skype credits, then Skype gives in some occasion’s free credits as a promotional offer. I also got a code for 2$ as a promotional offer by Skype. I have successfully used it. That is the only way to get Free Skype Credits.

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