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The New Face of 21st Century Cyber Warfare

There's no question that business and economy today relies heavily on digital media and online commerce in order to not only excel, but to keep keep up with competition. From online and mobile gateways, social media platforms, and enterprise applications, there are countless ways by which any business can be connected to and take advantage of online and digital advances in order to make their business shine. However, in the course of using online technology to advance business goals, there is always a chance of making oneself vulnerable to online risks and predators, no matter how well informed you are. For instance, Stuxnet, a computer worm jointly developed by the U.S. and Israel in 2010 strictly for international security purposes, is now a worldwide internet threat to business and individuals alike who innocently browse the internet. This infographic, The New Face of 21st Century Cyber Warfare, gives the details on how this possible could be, along with the history of Stuxnet.

This infographic was made by ClickSoftware field service management, the leading provider of field service and application security from Veracode.

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