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There'll Be No More Travelling Blues If You Bring These Bad Boys Along!

More and more of us are spending an increasing amount of time away from home, whether it is for holidays or work assignments, and we look like continuing this habit for some time yet. Although travelling to far flung places conjures up images of swish hotels and exotic cuisine, it can also take a toll on us. After a while, the novelty can wear a little thin and we strive to find some comforts that remind us of where we came from. This is especially true for those who work away from their home country as part of their job description. This article looks at a few clever gadgets that have been designed with these individuals in mind.

Tumi Frequent Traveler 22” Zippered Expandable Carry On - $595
We get the travel gadget show on the road with this very handsome product from those considerate people at Tumi, they always seem to have a say in how travellers should do their thing, and we’re not complaining! This Carry-on luggage item is as good as it gets for the executive who really needs to look good on his arrival. The deceptively compact case will easily accommodate a 17 inch laptop in the exterior pocket and can take up to 3 suits in the bespoke sleeve setup. The wrinkle free design is absolutely fabulous and you can also for a few books and magazines for those boring moments in the transit lounge. There is nothing to fault about the Frequent Traveler and we believe that it will be a big hit across corporate boardrooms everywhere!

Reef Stash Sandals - $22
This is a very clever idea that lends itself to the smuggling approach that seems to be the bane of customs officer’s life. But as long as you are shipshape and above board, they will have no issues with these cute sandal gadgets. These very comfortable flip flops are designed to carry your accessories whilst you take a trip to the beach or poolside at the hotel. The moment when you decide to cool down is always a risky one as you struggle to find a safe place to hide your keys and cash/cards. Simply store them in the bespoke sandal ‘tray’ and you will have no headaches to concern your quality swim time. Just ensure that no beady eyes spot you making this transition and you will be one happy bunny!

Swissbit Swiss Army 1GB USB Flash Drive - $57.95
The Swiss Army knife has long been a gadget fan’s favourite and now it hits the 21st century with a bang! This beauty contains the usual array of blades and cutting gadgets with a techno twist. A 1GB USB device is lurking under that attractive red shell and a very powerful light is added to the standard arsenal for your convenience. Just remember to pack this in your main luggage and you will have a handy backup for the rest of your journey!

Feeling Better Yet?
We believe that all 3 of these unique gadgets will help you find your feet a little quicker after that long haul flight, just remember to tell your colleagues where you heard about them first!
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Today’s feature writer, Harry William, is a businessman and a passionate blogger. He is always on the run and has to travel frequently for work. He is currently staying at a corporate retreat in Noosa Heads- and believes that the Sunshine Coast is a place worth visiting.


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