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Remember To Pack These Sweet Gadgets The Next Time You Fly Away!

We all love to take a little time off work or college and jet off to somewhere a little more exotic than our own country, and it’s becoming more frequent nowadays. Okay, we are experiencing the tail end of a nasty recession but surely that’s even more of a reason to recharge our batteries when we have the chance? The world is getting smaller and it appears that flight prices are still within the reach of most of our budgets.You can choose from exotic destinations like Thailand, Vietnam or even Mongolia if you like the Eastern promise. Some of us just stick a pin in the map and throw our trust in the lap of the Gods. But wherever you should choose, you need to ensure you bring the right sort of gear along. As well as killer swim outfits and the latest designer shirts, you should also consider some handy little extras. This article looks at a few gadgets that have been designed to make your foreign getaway a little easier to adapt to.

Pebble Battery Portable Charging Device
Most of us love bringing our handheld gadgets along for the ride and they can really help us get through some dodgy bus journeys and long waits at the airports. But what happens when you are hours away from your hotel room and the battery goes flat? This is where the Pebble steps in and does its funky stuff! This portable charging device is the size of a pack of chewing gum and really packs a punch. It comes with a variety of adaptors and holds 5000mAh of charge. That is enough to charge a Smartphone 4 times over and still come back for more! You can charge your mp3 player, camera and even your Nintendo 3DS. To charge the Pebble up you just need a USB port on your mains connected device and you will be ready to rumble once more! The design is so cool that even those fashion conscious Apple fan boys will be clambering for a Pebble. It will get you out of a sticky situation time and time again – We love the Pebble!

Glasses Contact Lens Case Kit
Any contact lens wearers out there will surely know the feeling when you just can’t find the pesky things, usually first thing in the morning or the middle of the night. What makes matters worse is the fact that you are staying in an unfamiliar hotel room. The cases are usually tiny and your eyesight is pretty shabby without these bad boys fully installed. Well this clever device allows you safe storage in an easy to locate package! The vicious circle is well and truly broken down nicely, they are easy to find and are leak proof. The case also contains a handy mirror and you can even store a pair of glasses in the flip side. With enough room for your contact cleaning kit catered for we think this gadget will be the answer to many of our prayers!

Isn’t That Easier? 
So there we have it, 2 very common travelling issues addressed with ease! Hopefully you will have a lovely holiday and come back nice and refreshed for another 11.5 months of hard work!
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