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How Can An IVR System Help You Business To Grow?

If you run a small start up company and are looking to grow your business, knowing where to go next can be hard. 
Even if you’ve got lots of work coming up, having a limited workforce can mean taking on new jobs is impractical, when even managing your current tasks can be a challenge. 
Having someone to take on some of the workload can make a huge difference, and if you don’t have the resources to pay another member of staff, this is where a virtual receptionist could save the day. 

What is an IVR system?
If you’re unfamiliar with the workings of a virtual office, IVR simply stands for Interactive Voice Response, and it’s the system that you’ll normally encounter when calling any big company or organisation. 
An IVR system greats callers and then lets them interact with the menu, either with their voice or the telephone keypad, to choose an option and then be directed to the appropriate department or employee.
In most companies it has pretty much replaced the old fashioned switchboard and allows enquiries to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.
If no one is available to deal with the enquiry, the caller will normally be diverted to a voicemail service.
IVR phone systems have effectively replaced the old fashioned switchboard.
Freedom to keep working
The main respect, in which an IVR system will help your business to grow, is that it will enable you to keep working and allow your answering system to handle incoming calls. 
The IVR will allow callers to select an option, and the system will then route the call to your mobile or landline, so you can be out and about work and bringing in new contracts, without having to worry about missing new leads. 
You can also set the calls to go to voicemail if you’re busy with clients, that way you’re not disturbed during your meeting, but the enquiry still gets dealt with a professional way. 
An IVR system also allows you to work collaboratively at the same time as working remotely. Calls can be forwarded to different recipients depending on the subject, but you don’t have to work from the same office or even the same city as your colleagues. 

Giving your business a professional appearance
Another main benefit of an IVR phone system is the professional air that it lends to your company’s image. 
Callers will instantly think that your company is large and established, with plenty of employees and a sizable office. You can also personalise the greeting that people hear when they call up to make it relevant and personal to your company.
This will all help to give customers and prospective client’s faith in your business and should help you to secure more work as a consequence.
An IVR system provides you with a sort of virtual secretary
Eliminates the need for an expensive office
Thanks to the mobile nature of the system, it eliminates the need for you to hire a real office. An expense that can be crippling for young businesses, especially when you add in the cost of bills, office supplies and maintenance.
Avoiding these costs will help to free up funds that can then be channelled into other areas of your business like development and future planning. 
If you’re a busy sole trader, or simply want to make your business as streamlined as possible, an IVR phone system could help you to cut costs, manage your workload and improve your company image.
Giving you the time and the opportunity to grow and develop your company into a successful and thriving new endeavour.
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An article by Ian Marshall the owner of Office Answers, a keen technology writer and an advocate of IVR phone systems. Click here to learn more about this software.

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