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Secure Your Folder in Windows 7 OS

Privacy should be maintained in all fields of work. Your PC system also requires you to have an optimum level of security and privacy, especially when a number of users are working on the same PC. With so many users in a single PC, privacy issue is bound to occur. In such a scenario, computer services recommend every user to have a password for the folder. Locking the folder with a password prevents unauthorized accessibility and hence ensures security of the personal data.
Are you using Windows 7 OS in your computer? Are you clueless as to how to lock the folder with a password? Don’t worry! Check this section!
Enabling Password Protection in Windows 7 OS
Much like Windows XP, Windows 7 too doesn’t have any in-built password security for its folders and files. Therefore, it is of no use looking for any such option in your OS. Do you know that there are two ways of restricting the access to folders and files? First of all, let’s see how to use a password for file protection.
Hide Files and Folders Software
There are many third-party software programs that can set password for protecting your folders and files. This is one of those software programs that employ folder security to the fullest. As you purchase this software program and run it, you will get a password for your program, file and folder. Ensure that you secure it with that password.
Password Protect Software
This is another remarkable software which you can buy for restricting accessibility to your personal files and folders in Windows 7. Are you confused which one to choose? Go for the second software, it is a better alternative. But in case you have numerous folders, don’t go for the authenticated process. Both the software programs are known for perfect functioning and complete security.
Enabling Security without a Password
Change the access right to your folders and files – this is a simple way to protect your private folders and files in Windows 7 OS. One thing which is necessary for systematically customizing access rights is you have to be the administrator of the desktop or laptop. It is only then you can have control over access rights. A normal user is not permitted to change the access rights of any file and folder. Log in as administrator, if you desire to change access rights.
Right clicking on the desired folder that you wish to protect, choose Properties option. A window having numerous tabs will open up where you have to click the security tab. The users accessing your folder will be displayed on the screen. Choose the user for whom you wish to restrict the accessibility and then click ‘edit’.
What actions do you like the user to deny? Check the box titled ‘deny’ against the actions you want to restrict and save your settings. This restriction automatically secures your folder. Contact the online computer support professionals to enjoy a smooth procedure of locking your folders and files.
Author’s Bio: Carlos Collins is a business professional who is very much dependent on his PC system. He segregates all his folders and keeps them secured with a password. He is grateful to the Windows7 support professionals for enabling him to secure his folders on Windows 7.

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