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Top five private detective equipment items

Video Camera
A good quality video camera is a must have item for any private detective working in the field. You will need a HD digital recorder with easy to use functions. It needs to be comfortable for you to use in any situation. Don’t forget that the weight should be something you will be able to cope with holding for several hours or you will need a good reliable strap. Sports mode could also come in handy if you are filming on the move as a good clear picture could be all it takes to identify a suspect. If you can turn your video recorder into a hidden camera that will save you some money on having to buy both.

Digital camera
The market is flooded with high quality yet affordable digital cameras. In this line of business a digital camera will work the best. There is not very much time in between obtaining the footage and sending to the client so a quick download is all you may have time for. Also digital photos can be emailed or sent by phone which is much quicker than waiting for Boots to develop your snaps. Speed is of the essences with services these days and a good detective will endeavour to provide photographs, video and report in good time scales.

GPS Tracking
Following targets that are in a car can be a real test on your vehicles ability to blend in and be fast enough to keep up. The wonderful GPS Tracking systems available these days are a private detectives best friend. They can be covertly fitted to a target vehicle before surveillance is due to begin and when surveillance starts you can follow from a safe distance using your lap top and an internet connection via the tracker panel. With this method you can have the best of both worlds. You can keep a good distance to stay covert and you can also get a bit closer to take video and photographic evidence of the cars occupants.  The tracker will also provide a report of all the places the car went to during the surveillance and what speeds the driver was driving at. So all in all the client gets a good overall report of what went on during the job.

Good surveillance Vehicle
A private detective is only as good as his car. A good solid bland coloured car is the best to buy. It needs to be comfortable over long journeys and long jobs so it needs to have pockets and trays to keep food and drinks in. The seats should be cloth and comfortable – leather can get very hot and sweaty in the summer. If you need to jump into the car after it has sat out in the heat for a few hours it can burn your hands and impair driving skills. A powerful engine is a must for fast chases but nothing too loud and head turning. A good sized boot can hold all the other equipment that might come in handy on a surveillance job.

CCTV system
Some clients may wish to hire a CCTV system or even on a try with a view to buy option. A CCTV system is a good tool to have if your client believes a member of staff to be stealing or would like a warehouse watched and recorded in case of an accident. Video evidence is accepted in court and the camera never lies.
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