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Facebook's Big Reveal: A New Search Feature "Graph Search"

A new search feature to be launched by Facebook called "Graph Search". Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg revealed a new feature which is to be used in Facebook website as an additional feature to help and provide an improvised feature to its billion-plus users in terms of searching for people and places within the social network site itself without leaving Facebook. This is the company's first major product launch event since its May Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Speaking to reporters at its Menio Park Office, California HQ, Zuckerberg described what he called "Graph Search", which allows users to sort through content that has been shared with them. This feature will enable users to find the places and people from and within Facebook. They need not to leave Facebook to find people and place they are looking for.

It is being criticized for a long time that Facebook bieing such a big social site not having a decent search facility. The current search facility available in Facebook does not seem to be adequate because of many limitations. being made available as a "Beta"  or "early version" now, the new search feature so called "Graph Search" would be under many tests, because Facebook which refers to its growing content, data and membership as the "Social Graph"-will initially let users sort or fetch through mainly photographs, people, places and members interests, he or she added.

You need to be able to ask the query like, "who are my friends in New York," Zuckerberg said. Being he world's largest online social network, Facebook is moving to regain Wall Street confidence in the wake of a rocky IPO and concerns about its long term money making prospects. Facebokgains the pride of launching one of the highest IPO ever launched by any other social networking company. Speculation had approached fever pitch over the past week about what Facebook planned to reveal in its highest profile news briefing since its market debut. Guesses had ranged from a long rumored Smartphone to a full Web-search product. It's for the first time ever any of the social networking sites enters to stock market which makes Facebook pride in itself apart from bringing in new features like "Graph Search" which will take Facebook to tne level beyond doubt.

Note: Graph Search Theory - User can sort through content shared with them.

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