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You are going to see one of the biggest free software which will increase your youtube video views just like this. With the help of this video, you can increase your youtube video views for free from your desktop. With this I must aware you, this software uses proxies, so beaware of it. If your account get banned, do not blame for others. So you must take all precautions to make it safe for you.

Here goes the details of Youtube Bot


-API Bot with a 10 Second Delay

  • Extremely Efficient, No Lag, 10 second delay per action. 
  • Import Mass Number of Accounts.
  • Import Comments/Mass Number of Comments.
  • Subscribe.
  • Like.
  • Proxy Support.
  • Add Friend
  • Dislike.
  • Unsubscribe.
  • Comment.
  • Flag, with preset reasons.
  • Log to Track Progress.
  • Fully Automated.
  • Interactive User Interface.
  • Regular Updates.
  • News Updates.
-About Form.
-Register Form.
-Ability to change Visual Settings.

  • Aero Glass.
  • Office 2010 Silver.
  • Office 2010 Blue.
  • Office 2010 Black.
MyToobs Bot.exe

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