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Epic is a web browser developed by Mozilla based on Mozila Firefox technology developed by Hidden Reflex (a software company founded by Alok Bhardwaj in 2008 which is situated in Bangalore, India) specifically for Indian users, released in 15 July 2010. Similar to Flock browser (another browser of Mozila), the browser has several preinstalled widgets such as Indian TV Chanels, Many Radio Channels, Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc.), Chat Clients and Email facilities integrated into the web browser. It is dubbed as the first web browser from India and also features the first integrated virus protection in a browser powered by ESET. It has the facility of translating to 13 Indian regional languages instant. You write in English and it converts to your desired regional language when you press space bar. Epic is available as a free download which is currently supporting Microsoft Windows platform.

Epic Browser Download

Epic is loaded with lots of applications like a translators for Indian scripts, a web snippet tool, timer, to do list, a full featured text editor, games, Google Maps, clients for chatting, social networking such as Orkut, Facebook and Twitter, email apps, and several other installable web apps. There are a huge collection of themes and wall papers featuring subjects related to India which covers all regional, religious, cultural etc. Epic is claimed to be the first web browser featuring built in antivirus and anti phishing protection. Epic is currently available for Windows, though Linux and Mac versions are also expected. It claims to be having over 1500 free applications that will work with the browser, as well as many India oriented themes and wallpapers. The logo of Epic browser denotes the Indian tricolor flag (Saffron, White and Green) enveloping a sphere (the earth) in a tree like fashion.

It currently supports 13 Indian languages including Kannada, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, Oriya, Nepali, Tamil, Malayalam and Urdu. There's additional transliteration support for Arabic, Chinese, Sinhalese, Persian, Russian, and Greek. The Epic browser is expected to be a big hit among the Indian users and probably the neighboring countries of India e.g. China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal etc.

The other good feature of epic, that it includes a widget for ESET (online virus scanner program). In addition to the safe internet surfing this also enables the user to scan full computer. Epic is equipped with WOT which warns user when they are about to visit some website that hosts malware.
All the plugins which are compatible for Firefox are also compatible in Epic. So this is another feature which will make most of the user comfortable using it.

Features Images

Epic Wallpapers

Other than these features, there are features like, watching TV, live cricket news, latest news, facebook connect, yahoo connect, linkin in connect and many more features. See below image in the left side to have a view of those features.

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