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Web-Based Apps For Construction Project Management

There are a number of construction project management applications that are designed to ensure projects are on-time and on-budget. In addition, these applications ease the collaboration of participants to a project and utilize cloud computing. The Web-based applications allow users to easily manage projects without incurring much cost in installing software or purchasing hardware. All they need is a location with internet connection. The top applications for construction management are:

Aconex is designed to improve the management of a project. Those participating in the project are able to access and manage information pertaining to it. It allows everyone, from developers to contractors, to archive information from wherever they are. It is a platform that can be incorporated into any business as it works well with other software systems.

AEC-Sync is a Web-based system with a central document repository. It allows information relating to the project to be viewed by the project participants. A company thus can maintain transparency, reduce redundancies and offer services such as document versioning, custom reports and graphs by using this system. A participant can track the project information from any place that has internet connection.

EADOC is an application that enables participants to follow up and archive information about the project. It makes it fast and easy to upload large files such as photos and drawings. It allows changes to folders to be made and fields added to documents. Basically, it is fully customizable.

Procore enables contractors to manage several projects from anywhere. It is integrated with Microsoft Project scheduling software or Primavera to enable participants to retrieve photos and documents from the online archive.

Skire Unifier
This application is accessible through all web browsers. The components of a project, from schedule management to budget control, are tackled by various modules that compose the Unifier. The application enhances transparency by making it possible to access information from any location with Internet connection.

A construction management system that combines project management, project scheduling, service management and customer management in one suite. It is suitable for remodelers, homebuilders and design firms working on residential projects. It supports photo and document management, warranty administration, change order management and scheduling.

Co-construct Software
This web based solution is developed for remodelers and custom builders. Businesses are able to coordinate their schedules, selections and photos. It makes it possible to improve client relationships by maintaining more dynamic and interactive communication. It does not require a large hardware investment. Participants access it through their own secure portals when they need to update online schedules, enter jobsite logs, share files and photos and track change orders.

BuildTools is designed to help in projects management, service management, scheduling, budget and purchasing, document storage and customer management. This service is offered on monthly basis.

Owner InSite Software
This project management program is mainly fixated on capital construction projects. Firms involved in improving their capital realize benefits from this web based solution. It makes it easy for them to keep up with clients information, reporting and financial needs. Its modules support photo management and drawing management. A dashboard feature is integrated into it to enable users to track the location of various project details.

HCSS Heavy Bid Estimating Software
HCSS is a solution for firms working on infrastructure projects. It handles estimates and job costing. The major features of this software are HeavyBid and HeavyJob which work hand in hand to help contractors evaluate every project's profitability.

Marc is a passionate blogger about new business technologies and works for WesTrac, a supplier of construction equipment. 


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