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There's More Than One Way To Watch TV!

We all know about watching television on the regular box, but what about the alternative options out there? A lot of stuff is readily available on the internet and you get the added bonus of it being absolutely free. The only drawback is that you will probably be restricted to reruns and older TV shows. What happens when you want to see a live sports game or a new program? This article looks at the alternative ways we can watch our favourite stuff without having to turn on the big old unit!

Apple TV
Those clever folk over at Apple have a nice take on the old theme of watching television. Their digital multimedia receiver comes to you with ready to rent shows at the touch of a button. They charge 99 cents for a 48 hour rental of your favourite TV program or show. The box is a snip at $99 and looks real sweet for that price. A very streamlined case hosts a simple setup option and an excellent picture quality that never lets you down. Apple fans everywhere love this bespoke set top and these bad boys have already sold over a million since their release a few years back.

Netflix are a mail based company that offer you a DVD rental service at just 99 cents per movie. You can also stream the video of your choice directly through your PC, TV, Apple device, XBOX, PlayStation or Wii. We think this is a great alternative and surely every house will have at one of those devices to hand. There are more movies available via the DVD format but the streaming option is still a favourite for many of us. As technology changes in the future, we think the streaming database of movies will increase substantially.

Free Online TV
If you are budgeting for tough times ahead, you needn’t splash out on your television habits, as there are plenty of free options out there! You may be restricted to shows that have already seen the light of day, but we’re not proud if you ain’t! YouTube is an excellent source of rerun television programs and you can literally spend days watching entire series of old classics. If you like the Bing format you will soon have more viewing options than you can handle. You can even see some programs that have not yet run on television, just navigate your way past the annoying commercials first.

Network Sites
Websites like the Fox Network are excellent places to source your favourite shows, and they usually allow a screening 24 hours after the show has been on television. Other sites like ABC will make you wait 4 weeks but beggars can’t be choosers! These free options may soon carry a premium as they will be showing premier releases before too long and we can’t imagine they would be overly generous at that time! But overall we think it is most gracious of these giants to allow us to catch up with our old friends 24/7.

Seen Enough?
So there you have it, many easy ways to watch something decent whilst your partner is hogging the real thing with pointless sports programs!
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Today’s feature contributor, Paul Potter, is a technology enthusiast and a frequent blogger. His blogs are famous for the knowledge they provide about the latest technology. He considers himself lucky to get access to internet TV in Canada as it makes his life a lot easier.


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