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Software For Home Health Agencies

Healthcare is becoming highly technical with most of the industry now being electronic.  Software for home health agencies have simplified the work in this field, allowing less paperwork and reduced overhead.

Having the right software is very important in the highly competitive health care field.  Home health care is rapidly expanding and by implementing a good software package will allow you to focus on more patient care aspects of the job, and streamlining the business.  Home health should be about taking care of the patient in the best possible way, and less manual work in the delegating tasks, scheduling and hiring.

Pariox is a user friendly web based system that can be used with any mobile device that has an internet connection and can be used for any size of agency.

What are some of the tools included in this Pariox?

Documentation is critical in the health care field, with Pariox, this software allows the user to securely document notes about patients’ treatments and progress through enotes, also allowing the user to sign electronically. 
Automatic pop ups save the user a substantial amount of time while charting notes, you can simply type in a few characters of the word or phrase, and the rest will fill in automatically.

Pariox adheres to Medicaid and Medicare guidelines, for example, Pariox will not allow the user to schedule appointments or treatments outside of the designated time frames which cuts down on a lot of errors and non- payments  from government insurance.

Pariox also integrates payroll and invoicing, also cutting down on the amount of time spent on paperwork.

Advantages of Healthcare First software

Healthcare First is software created specifically for the needs of users in the home health business.

Healthcare First is also a web based program; however, this program offers a free mobile app, allowing the user access to critical information anytime, anywhere from an Iphone.

Healthcare First is HIPPA compliant, allowing the user to work remotely offsite via an Internet connection.

This software also provides complete management from patient care, scheduling, inventory, invoicing and payroll.

Healthcare First is a monthly subscription, so there are no large capital expenses to operate this program.

What are advantages of Axxess Software?

Axxess is the leading software, user friendly to home health care, hospice, and rehabilitation.  It can be used remotely via internet connection, and is compatible with Mac and well as Windows.

Axxess software is available in over 30 states, and includes applications for billing, patient care, scheduling, OASIS, accounting, and also includes video training.  In addition this software also includes drug interaction checks, and verifies prescriptions per Medicare guidelines. 

There are numerous software applications for businesses such as Rocket PASSPORT or file sharing programs; nevertheless the aforementioned software is designed specifically for the Home Health Care business.   They are sure to reduce errors in paperwork, reduce overhead costs,  improve your revenue cycle, maximize the performance of the industry and most of all  substantially improve the quality of care for the patients!  In addition Rocket Software has a helpful file sharing application that can aid in streamlining these dynamics.

As a full time, Missouri health care professional, Cindi is a great resource on related topics.  That said, she is a versatile author covering a wide range of disciplines from computer technology to horseback riding.  


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