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How To Create a Social Share Button For Own Website?

This may sound funny to many, but I really could not find a helpful article anywhere to go through, "How you can create a social share button incase you host a website like google+, facebook, twitter, reddit, regeit, stumbleupon, delicious and many other websites".

It was frustrating that I could not find a single helpful article. So I thought, I should invite you all to write the code incase you master it. 

This will not only help me and may visitors to this site as well.

Let me explain in details about the project.

You can see many websites who are having share/submit/like buttons of their own which, let the other website owners to add those simple button codes to their website and when visitor click the button he is redirected to the social website in which he shares the story/link in his account.

This helps both the visitor and website owner to share useful and worthy links and grow traffic and knowledge vice-versa.

This is one of a simple and effective concept which keeps the links spread like a disease on internet and make the link popular over night.

Hope the concept is clear by now.

Now I invite experts to help and make possible codes which can really make this possible and help the new comers like me and there are many out there who are waiting to know more about it.

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