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Microsoft treads on dangerous grounds by bringing office to iOS


Despite the fact that Microsoft has made no official announcements of its plans of launching an iOS compatible version of Office for the iPad and iPhone, there is substantial evidence indicating towards Microsoft’s intentions of doing so. The launch is predicted at some time around the beginning of 2013, following shortly with an Android compatible version soon after. According to speculation by the Verge, the iOS version for Office has been designed as a collection of free apps for Word, PowerPoint and Excel that will allow users to view documents of each type and create and edit relevant files after subscribing to the app.  
However, the wisdom of such a tremendous move on Microsoft’s part is certainly questionable, especially provided the fact that it would serve greatly to strengthen the role of the iPad as a business device. Not only that, it will also undermine the advantages of features offered by Windows 8 and completely do away with the point of having Windows RT which will subsequently cause the demise of its Surface tablet. Also, it will entirely refute Microsoft’s stance that the iPad is meant solely for content consumption. As if the problem of key logger and computermonitoring app was not enough, bringing Office to their competing platform might just put Microsoft’s computers right in the dark. To cut a long story short, entering the iOS realm sounds like nothing but bad news for Microsoft.
The Predicted Consequences
In the face of such an argument, some might claim that the majority of users who work on Office are so accustomed to its conventional version that the Windows RT Office or any touch-sensitive adaptation of it for that matter would not be good enough for them. However, what they fail to acknowledge is that in the midst of all the users who care too much about Office and the ones who don’t care at all, there is a hefty group of users for whom the iOS version of Office would be the perfect addition to make their iPad or iPhone a complete package.
They can be people using their tabs for anything from writing essays in Word to managing the budget and finances of a home business on Excel or even employees at office putting the final touches to a PowerPoint presentation.  For such users, an Office app is exactly what they need to do everything that they wish to with their tablets alone so much so that they might entirely decide on foregoing their laptop or PC.
Microsoft’s Side of the Story
Apparently Microsoft has not been altogether unwise while coming up with its version of Office for iOS. It has still been able to keep its own platforms one step ahead in terms of functionality as far as the use of Office apps is concerned. Microsoft products will be able to retain their status as being inherently suited to the Office apps since the creation and editing features offered for the iOS version will be much limited despite the subscription while the Windows RT and Surface tablet will be able to offer the near-full Office version without requiring any subscription.  
As it turns out, while Microsoft might be facilitating iOS users with its Office version for iOS, the act certainly does not imply that it is nailing the coffins of its own products. While the touch-pad supporting Office versions is great for users who just need a little bit of Office in their lives, it is a fact that anyone who wants to take advantage of the full features of Office will have to eventually turn to Windows.
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