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Top 5 Music Apps For Your Android Phone

Smartphones are complex mobile devices. They cram the entire computer into a small chassis that can be carried in hand or pocket, which is always convenient. However, for music aficionados, having the best handy music apps for different proposes is quite essential. If you are confused about which music apps to get, here are top 5 music apps for your Android phone. We have kept the list general and chosen music apps that cover the widest spectrum available on Google Play.

DoubleTwist Player: 

It's quite difficult while recommending on specific music play for Android phones, as there are many great ones. However, doubleTwist Player is included because of its great features and the facility to sync playlists across most of the popular platforms including iTunes to stream music. It even syncs with many other devices like PlayStation 3, Xbox and Apple TV. If you are a stickler to comprehensiveness in your music collection, this app also offers free legal album artwork.

If you expect more from this app like Spotify, there is also a premium version that offers podcast management, wireless syncing, etc.

Google Play Music

This free app is indeed a very good music listening app and is recommended for every music lover. The best feature of this official music app by Google is storing music on Google cloud. So, whenever you buy music from Google, the album or songs get stored directly on cloud. You can upload up to 20,000 songs and can also download the desktop application that allows uploading music via computer.

The smartest feature of Google Play Music allows grouping music into an album. It automatically groups songs into an album to manage things better; something even iTunes is not great at. The EQ system is quite good wherein you even have boosted bass and 3D options.

TuneIn Radio: 

This music app helps to bring the convenience of radio on smartphone. TuneIn Radio allows you to search and listen to your favorite local stations anywhere you are and even save them as presets. This music app also allows you to search your favorite artist or song and you will be directed to the list of radio stations in your country that are playing that artist or song.

TuneIn Radio also has a pro version where you can record the songs

Digitally Imported (DI)

If you like electronic music then Digitally Imported (DI) is a must have app. Be it progressive, lounge, Dubstep or trance, DI is one stop for all these music genres. DI started, as a multi-channel Internet radio focusing on Electronic Dance Music (EDM) genre and soon it was available on smartphones as well, wherein music can be streamed 24/7. The interface is simple and intuitive. Once loaded, you will be presented with a list of channels. The list is quite big and to make it simpler in choosing, you have the freedom to sort it by styles or mark the desired channels as favorites.

There is also a premium version of DI that unlocks more features like high quality audio streaming and ad-free app.


This free music app is one the best alternatives to the default music player. Apart from playing music, it even has additional features that make this music app stand out from the crowd of free music apps.

When music is playing, the lyrics of that track scrolls, matching to the flow of the track. You can also stream radio and dedicate songs to your loved ones from Facebook and Twitter.

Note: We haven't included some music apps like Spotify and Pandora, as they are region specific. If you happen to live in a country where these apps are available, feel free to download, as even they are quite good music apps for listening music on your Android phone.

Karen is a tech writer that loves to cover the latest development in the tech industry. You can have a look at her site here if you want to learn more on her.

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