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Building Stronger Relationships With Customers Through A Functional CRM System

The main goal of every business is to capture new clients so as to grow and gain place in the market and also to maintain the loyalty of the buyers that will continue buying the company’s services or products. A CRM strategy is precisely focused on the relationship with the clients, aimed to make them stronger while gaining their loyalty in time. A CRM system designed to help the companies generate loyalty requires some features to be present, it is not just collecting a huge database. Probably the main ability it should have is the ability to identify and predict what clients need. The starting point should be based upon a few simple questions:
  • How can I predict the necessities of my clients?
  • How can I use the information I have?
  • What information is really useful for determining those?
  • What is the client requiring from our company?
  • How can we serve the client more efficiently?
Definitely, one of the main modules within a CRM system is precisely customer attention services. It will be the tool to gather the information you will have to evaluate in order to satisfy the customers’ needs and claims, enforce the interaction with them, become aware of their needs and consequently, cater them. A satisfied client, who knows they are being paid attention to, will most likely continue to be a client.

When managing customer services, there are basic functionalities that the CRM program must have.
  • The database has to include the information about which services and products your client has already bought.
  • It should have a knowledge base, a guide of the different problems and the solutions to them for every existing service or product you are selling.
  • It is important to have different inter-phases with their corresponding interaction channels, such as chat, email, fax, newsletters, etc.
  • Don´t overlook the importance of a self-service functionality through the company´s website. Some customers prefer to find out by themselves in the first place before contacting a representative of the company. It saves time and costs both for the company and the client.
  • When the information is about a problem, it must contain some basic facts that will contribute to a faster and more effective solution, such as priority, urgency, type, category, summary, description and keywords.
  • It is very useful for the system to possess the capacity of attaching documents and photos or videos to the problem or situation description.
  • Along with that, it should be capable of relating that problem with other cases or claims.
  • Once the nature of the case or claim has been determined, it should be assigned to the best representative or technician following an automated evaluation of the details and characteristics of the problem.
  • In order to handle the clients’ expectations, the CRM application should contain measurable satisfaction indexes and surveys.
  • For similar purposes, notifications, alerts and workflow are useful tools to evaluate the clients’ expectations.
Of course, depending on the business´s specific field, each company will require different functionalities.

Jack Stephen specializes in the CRM system development. Hes opinion is that customization of CRM programs to the particular company or business is a must for the success of the implementation of the plan.

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