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How To Increase Traffic To Your Website or Blog

I am not going to eat your brain with so huge and bombastic words normally most of the people use to do when they suggest you for this reason. I am just going to tell you one line solutions How To Increase Traffic To Your Website or Blog. Those are simple and easily understandable by a beginner too. My suggestions are first applied by me, tested it for a long time and after getting success for my own website I am writing this. So, you can apply this to your own site without any doubt. These tips are not hard to understand or apply. Just go through the techniques below.

I am going to tell you from the very beginning.
  • Selecting a Domain/Sub-domain: Choose a name suiting your content. Keep at least 3 words in it.
  • Selecting Post Title: Write long titles with at least more than 6 words in it which should be there in the first paragraph and last paragraph of your post.
  • Write Original Content: Always spend time on writing on the content. Do not copy from other websites. Check with for uniqueness of your post.
  • Write Quality Content: Do not just fill with useless words. Give useful information in your post related to your content which will make the visitor to stay and read it.
  • Post Size: Make a post at least with more than 500 words.
  • Post Focus: While creating post, focus the post on the title and emphasis on it that your post justify with the title.
  • Highlighting Words: Make the keywords bold.
  • Internal Linking: Link keywords with other matching similar posts and make the link to open in same window not new window.
  • Selecting Keywords: Most important. You can use Google Keyword Tool for this purpose. Need help, how to use? Ask specific questions in comment form.
  • Backlinking: Search for related blogs/websites and go through their posts thoroughly and if found suitable then leave a relevant comment with your blog/website link in it.
  • Submit to Search Engine: Use website submission tool. Submit To Google, Submit To Yahoo, Submit To Bing and other major search engines.
That is all you need to do from your end. Rest all will be done by the search engines and above all, the visitors. If your site contents have the quality as I mentioned above, I bet, your website will be indexed within 7 days of publishing of your post and will rank on top in 30 days time max. I hope, this guide will not only help you about "How To Increase Traffic To Your Website or Blog" but also make you understand, how easy it is.

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