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XOLO Smartphone - Powered With Intel Inside

Black is Beauty
Let's give a huge round of blows to this new smartphone XOLO X900. This is one of the smartphone which is filled with all the latest features which are required by todays smart users powered by Intel Inside.This is the first brand of the company which comes with Intel Inside technology which means you have the complete pc solution with this smartphone. The stylish and sleek of XOLO X900 is all about speed and performance, which is meant and designed to provide a responsive, immersive and engaging experience to address the need for a dynamic smartphone for today’s generation.

Intel’s cutting-edge technology and XOLO’s design innovation have come together to make the new XOLO X900 a compulsive choice. Whether it is speed of browsing and processing in a multi-tasking environment, or it is speed of the graphics clock to provide responsive and immersive video and gaming experience, XOLO X900 sets the “gold standard” in the fast-paced premium smartphone space. Everything you have always wanted, and more, now comes to you, in the blink-of-an-eye.


1.6 GHz Processor
Speed that keeps up with you
Intel® Atom™ 1.6 GHz processor with Hyper-Threading Technology and 1GB RAM makes the XOLO X900 the benchmark in its class. Fast web browsing, responsive apps and effortless multi-tasking makes you enjoy the things you love to do, all in the blink-of-an-eye.

8MP Camera with Burst Mode

Discover the brilliance of a DSLR
Use the advanced 8MP HD camera with photo-burst mode that lets you capture images quickly - 10 photos in less than a second in one click. So you never miss the best shot, ever.

400 MHz Graphics Engine
Gaming and multimedia now turn real
The high speed 400 MHz graphics engine provides rich and immersive 3D gaming with super-responsive graphics.  Combined with the high resolution 1024X600 pixels display, XOLO gives you a full HD video output on the go. Ensures you never have a dull moment.


  • The actual available internal phone storage may differ depending on the software configuration of your phone.
  • Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
  • XOLO X900 uses a Micro SIM card for mobile network connections.
Softwares & Downloads

Upgrade through OTA (Over the air)
Download instructions for software upgrade through FOTA              Download

Upgrade through USB
Download software for upgrade through USB                                      Download

Instructions for software upgrade
Download instructions for software upgrade through USB               Download

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Bhaskaran said...

It looks a wonderful smartphone. The features are simply great and design is also a killer. Hope this run for longer. This seems to be one of a complete package for full mobile and a mini pc. Can not afford the price at the moment, but definitely would have gone for it. Great post sharing this mobile. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a fantastic web site. On what other blog could anyone get this kind of information written in such an insightful way? I have a presentation that I am just now working on, and I have been looking for such info.

Lily said...

This phone more beatiufl than IPHONe, I think.

Smart Phone

Ramu said...

i went for all phone reviews still i found xolo is the best phone yet, u dont want have a computer if u have xolo thanks


Can you help me any body is want pc suit software for Xolo_X900 Intel inside

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