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Unique Viewer: Increase Traffic From Your Desktop


Here is an amazing software which will increase your traffic to your website or blog from your desktop. this feature is unique and never before.

What you can do with this is, you can surf your website with the help of this software and each time it will give a unique visit to your website/blog.

The unique feature of this software is, you can do it in a very simple way and no technical knowledge is required for this.

How will you use this?

Just open it and wait for about 5 seconds. Then press the Proxies and then press LOAD button and then load some proxy addresses in a text file and save it. Now you are ready to start the view.

Now you can enjoy with this super software and increase your traffic, alexa rank, page rank etc. and do not forget to give a thank for the effort and software provided to you.

Here's the virus scan report for the software for you guys:

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