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Make Free International Calls: Globe7


If I am not wrong, now a days all of us are in search of FREE phone calls from PC to Mobile or Land line. I am sure, you are presently in search of same thing and landed here. Let me assure you, you have reached the right place now to find yourself a good free software where you can really place your call internationally free.

Please go through the rest of the article to get the free call bundle for youreself.

There are many websites/softwares ( Voip Providers ) offering such free calls service. Globe7 has been rated as no.1 Voip providers by many experts in this technology. Its been first service in its kind. Globe7 was the first voip service which I used, and still I use it many times to make free calls. Earlier they used to give free credits for watching videos. These credits were then used to make free calls.

Many readers face difficulty to place their calls, as they are quite new to voip technology. Sometimes they are not able to use the hack properly. So, this post is quite detailed with step by step procedure to place your free calls. I will include the hack to make unlimited calls around the world.

You will be able to call "free" to about 60 countries using the trick, but offcourse you can buy credits to make calls to other countries. Their rates are also very cheap. To makefree calls to IndiaPakistan we have already covered many posts.

Procedure to make Unlimited Free Calls worldwide using Globe7.
Step 1

Visit Globe7 here, and download the software ( Softphone ) to make Pc to Phone Calls.


After downloading the software, register for Globe7 using the software. Enter your email address and other details. They will send your password to your email.

Step 3

Login to the softphone using the username you entered, and password they provided. You will get 5 cents credit free to make calls. As the rates are very cheap, you will be able to make free calls to many countries on mobiles and landlines.


Click on the Phone Icon on the main window of he softphone, this will open a dialer.
Dial the phone no you want to place call. You will be connected.


After you run out of balance, you can Re-register using another email address. You need not to use any proxy. Just use another email address. This is the hack.

You may get free email id by mailinator, which don't even ask for any of your details. You don't need to create any email id. You can enter any email address @ . Then go to that website and check your email. Just enter your username, no need for any password.

Download Globe7 for FREE!

*Make PC to PC free Calls and International Calls at Cheaper rates! 



Todd said...

i got only 0.01 in my account and cannot call out from my country

simplecall said...

I am living in London (uk) But mostly I use to call India for my personal as well as for business purpose. So can anyone suggest me how to make unlimited calls to India form UK , It would be help full for me.

Pankhuri Patel said...

Hey guys, hope u all are gud. I have one great trick to share with you all. I found something on internet while searching for some other tricks for my Android. I found a trick to make International voice call as well as video calls, free of cost. Yeah! FREE but you just need to download skype on your device and after that you not need to pay anything for calls. Its working guys Go for it, It doesn’t take very much time. And now I am going to try the above method. Let’s see the result.

Kamran Khan said...

hmm, it take a lot of time Free Calls from pc to mobile

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