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Qihoo 360 Technology Co., Ltd. (New York Stock Exchange NYSE: QIHU, hereinafter referred to as 360) is China's leading Internet and mobile security products and service providers. In accordance with the calculation of the number of users, the 360 ​​is the third largest Internet company in China.
China's largest Internet security brand
360 is committed to free safety by providing high quality service, to solve the security issues encountered in the Internet for Chinese Internet users.Faced with a wide range of security threats of the Internet era, Trojan horses, viruses, rogue software, phishing scam web pages, 360 ideas of the Internet to solve network security problems. 360 is a free secure the initiator of the Internet security such as search, e-mail, instant communication, like the Internet infrastructure services should be free. To this end, the 360 ​​security guards, 360 antivirus and other security products are provided free of charge to hundreds of millions of Internet users in China. At the same time, 360 developed the world's largest technology leader in cloud security system to quickly identify and remove new trojan virus and phishing, hanging Ma malicious Web page, all-round protection of the user's Internet security.
As China's largest Internet security companies, 360 have the largest high level of security technology team, its 360 security guards, 360 anti-virus, 360 of the secure browser, 360 Secure Desktop, 360 mobile guards and other products well received by users, so that 360 to become the undisputed network security. As of the end of June 2011, the 360 ​​has 378 million users. 360 secure browser the number of users reached 209 million, second only to Microsoft IE browser. 360 personal start page (site navigation), the number of users was 107 million. 360 Phone Guardian is China's largest mobile security products.
Disruptive innovation in China's Internet
With the development of the Internet, security has become the Internet has to face serious challenges. According to the global anti-virus products testing center ( data, in 1998, security vendors to collect threat sample of 1,738 new features. Years later, in 2008, the global number of new Trojans, viruses and other malicious programs of more than 10 million over the previous ten years the sum of all the malicious programs. July 4, 2009, Microsoft Mpeg-2 vulnerability caused by the Trojan epidemic began to focus on the outbreak of domestic over 20,000 websites have been hackers hang horse, nearly one percent of the total number of websites.
In China, the rogue software from 2005 to 2006 was a very flood, seriously affecting the interests of Internet users. With the development of the Internet to seek illegal interests of the Trojan underground industrial chain for the rapid development of phishing fraud websites and other new types of wrongful conduct can also dramatically increase. In the Internet era, network security is no longer just the virus. Security concept based on the PC era has become increasingly unsuited to the development of the Internet era. Similarly, as the diversification of Internet security threats, the traditional network security model is difficult to provide Internet users with a satisfactory security, cloud-based computing "cloud security" mode is imperative.
360 Since its inception in July 2006, with a five-year, to the pattern of disruptive innovation to redefine Internet Security, rewrite the security market structure.
The first is the subversion of the business model. 360 is a free secure the initiator, to argue that security as the foundation of the Internet services should be completely free of charge; is a subversion of security technology. 360 has a deep search engine technology and the accumulation of these technologies used in the field of security, and built the world's largest so far, most users, daily use of the largest cloud security system; Third, and most importantly, subversion, 360 Internet security is redefined with a brand new user experience. Security does not mean to kill the virus in the Internet age, it means that the data security, privacy security, account security, download security and computer health.
360: Leading the trend of open Internet
In 2011, the Chinese Internet has ushered in a new starting point, and opened the door to the main theme of the future development of the Internet. As China's largest Internet security service provider in the course of development over the past five years, 360 has been advocates and practitioners of innovation and openness. It can be said that the innovation and open the DNA of 360. The user experience innovation, technological innovation and business model innovation, the 360 ​​redefined the Internet security, which brings together more than 300 million of the massive user base, providing them with free, high-quality Internet security services. The same time, 360 pursues the spirit of openness and cooperation, 360 navigation, 360 centers and 360 software housekeeper, together with many partners to share 360 ​​users, traffic, brand, achieve win-win cooperation, to build a healthy Internet ecosystem environment .
Beginning in 2011, 360 further increased the opening up, has introduced a series of open platform, including the open platform of the 360 ​​buy, 360 browser applications platform, 360 desktop and open platform. 360 hope with partners through the establishment of the 360 ​​open platform, multi-win-win system, by providing detailed, comprehensive platform services, and network security services, 360 can also work with partners to share the opportunities for growth.
360 will continue to focus on Internet security, and continue to work to solve the kinds of security problems encountered by Internet users using innovative technologies and products. Meanwhile, the 360 ​​will be an open mind, through the sharing of resources, both allow users to get a good consumer experience, and partners to get good returns.

About 360 products and services

360 security guards: to kill the Trojan patch to protect privacy
360 security guards is the most powerful, best, most users welcomed the essential Internet security software. Easy to use, user reputation, the 420 million Internet users in China, the preferred installation 360 has more than 300 million.
360 security guards have a killing Trojan clean-up plug-in, bug fixes, computer, medical examinations, and the original of the "Trojan horse firewall function, relying on the first detection and cloud identification, comprehensive, intelligently intercept all types of Trojan horse, to protect users account, privacy and other important information. Trojan threat has far exceeded the virus, and 360 security guards to use the cloud security technology in the intercept and the effect of killing Trojans, speed and professional performance, can effectively prevent the theft of personal data and privacy, Trojan, known as prevent the Trojans first choice. 360 security guards are very lightweight, but also the ability to boot to accelerate, garbage removal and other optimization features, can greatly speed up your computer speed, containing 360 software housekeeper can also help users to easily download, upgrade, and powerful to uninstall various software applications .
360 anti-virus: permanent free, super-performance anti-virus software
360 anti-virus is the largest user of anti-virus software in China, it integrates seamlessly with the internationally renowned BitDefender virus killing the engine, and 360 Security Center, the leading cloud killing the engine. Twin-engine smart scheduling, computer virus protection system, not only the killing ability is excellent, but also the first time against emerging virus, Trojan horse. 360 anti-virus is completely free, no activation code, lightweight and fast card machine, manslaughter rate is far lower than in other soft kill. 360 unique anti-virus technology system takes very little system resources, and minimal impact on the system operating speed. The 360 ​​virus also offers a "Do Not Disturb mode, the user is playing games, or automatically when you open the full screen applications into the" Do Not Disturb mode, with a smoother game play fun. 360 anti-virus and 360 security guards with the use of the Internet gold combination.
360 secure browser: rest assured that the Internet does not move fast, smooth and no ads
360 secure browser is a new generation of safe and easy to use on the Internet browser, with a malicious URL database, cloud killing the engine, can automatically block hanging horse, fraud, online banking, phishing and other malicious Web site. The original "isolation mode", allowing users to access Trojans sites will not be infected. Trace browsing, to maximize the protection of the privacy of users of the Internet. 360 security browser, compact, fast, and very few crashes, translation, screenshots, mouse gestures, ad filters, and has dozens of useful features, has become the priority choice for the majority of Internet users.
360 safe: anti-theft number, so the Trojans can not do anything
360 safe is China's first specialized anti-theft software, proactive technologies, Trojan layers intercept, prevent Trojan invasions of online games, chat programs, and helps customers protect their online account, chat accounts online banking account, stock account, to prevent the loss of virtual assets and real assets of the account lost cause. Trojan, even if the user's computer when its hacking acts, 360 safe can its intercept, giving the user a secure gaming environment and the Internet environment. Used in conjunction with the 360 ​​security guards to protect the effect of doubling the
360 Guardian: Anti-harassment, anti-chargeback, protection of privacy
360 Phone Guardian is a completely free cell phone security software: can effectively block spam messages and harassing phone calls, the device returns to the quiet space; networking cloud killing malware real-time monitoring software installation and networking, and eradicate malicious chargeback against; encryption important to contact the communications records, to prevent the leakage of personal privacy; system is clean, easy for mobile phones running accelerated. There is attribution to display and query, automatically dial the IP to save the bill, trace text messages, and so many features, not only to bring you a full range of mobile security and privacy protection, and also allows you to use the phone more convenient.
360 first aid kit: killing the Trojans quickly and accurately
360 first aid kit (formerly known as: "The stubborn Trojan is designed to kill Daquan") is a powerful killing trojan virus system rescue tools, all kinds of popular stubborn Trojan killing excellent results, such as the Running of the Bulls, the dog, gray dove, raids wave drive. 360 system in need of emergency relief, ordinary antivirus software killing invalid, or your computer is infected Trojan 360 can not be installed and start first aid kit can remove trojans and suspicious programs strong, and repair infected system files, inhibition of Trojan regeneration, is the best helper in the computer needs first aid.

Free Download

V8.5 official version of the 360 security guards
Kill trojan patch to protect the privacy
360 Phone Guardian v2.5 official version
Antivirus anti-theft anti-harassment, money the flow of energy saving Province
360 secure browser v4.1 official version
Anti-Trojan, anti-fraud, secure and easy to use browser
360 anti-virus v3.0 official version
A comprehensive defense of super lightweight and fast killing
360 security the desktop v2.1Beta Edition
The most secure desktop fun and functional applications are absolutely convenient
360 phone the desktop v1.5Beta version  
Landscaping tools specifically designed for the Andrew system
V1.2 official version of the customized version of the 360 enterprises
Within the network is easy to play the patch permanent free enterprise security software
360 Pack v1.2 official version
The following software down the game to change the theme every day
360 Fast browser v5.1 official version
Seamless dual core browser, web lightning-open
360 Safe v4.2 official version
Clear memory, retaining the network speed, so the game safe and smooth
360 browser (mobile / Pad) v2.0 Year of the Dragon
Browser designed for flat panel, mobile phone designed by Chinese
360 compression v1.9 official version
A new generation of compression software, permanently free
V2.99 official version of the 360 hardware guru
Help you complete control of the hardware configuration of the love machine
V5.0 official version of the 360 first aid kit
Systems first aid kits, strong remove viruses, Trojans


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