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Top 10 mobile antivirus for free download

The world has come a long way from old-style telephones, which were little more than a speaker, a bell and a microphone connected to a wire. With the invention of Smartphone’s such as the iPhone and Blackberry, consumers are able to gain full access to the Internet and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as download files and applications onto the phone, such as music etc.
However, these trendy and modern phones come with a price, and many of us are not aware of the consequences if our mobile phones are not secured and protected from viruses.
Smartphone’s have become a busy hub for data, packed with its owner’s email details, contact numbers, passwords and sometimes credit card details. And on top of this many phones have global positioning device integrated that beams its location far and wide.
And all this trove of personal information is valuable for legitimate commercial companies and unwelcome intruders which is enough of a reason for you to consider mobile antivirus software. Charles Miller, the principle security analyst at Independent Security Evaluators in Baltimore, stressed that common sense is often the best defence against malicious attacks. “For ten years, people have been told all these things you should do to protect your computer; don’t click on links in emails and only go to sites you trust,” he said. “People tend to forget those when you are on your phone.”
And the solution to this problem is simple. Software companies have developed antivirus software for mobiles and Smartphone’s and the download is as simple as it would be on a PC.
So to give you a helping hand here is the Top Ten anti viruses for mobile phones.
AhnLab Mobile Security 
AhnLab Mobile Security is the solution for viruses and worms protection that runs on Windows Mobile, Symbian and Palm OS.
Avast! PDA Edition 
Avast! PDA Edition is an anti-virus protection for PalmOS and Windows CE, Smartphone, and Pocket PC based devices. The package is developed by ALWIL Software Company
Avira AntiVir Mobile 
Avira AntiVir Mobile is a professional virus and malware protection for your pocket PCs and Smartphone. The software is published by a German anti-virus company, Avira GmbH. Users can get a 30 day free trial.
avira antivir mobile
BitDefender Mobile Security
BitDefender Mobile Security provides permanent antivirus protection for mobile devices running Symbian or Microsoft Windows Mobile. Relying on the valuable BitDefender experience in fighting computer threats, BitDefender Mobile Security is a light, easy to use instrument that will keep your mobile device on the move.
bitdefender mobile security
BullGuard Mobile Antivirus
BullGuard Mobile Antivirus is an easy-to-use and reliable solution that protects Pocket PCs and Smartphone’s from malicious programs, such as viruses, worms and Trojans, that target mobile platforms. Users get a 14 day free trial.
Dr Web Mobile Security Suite
Dr Web Mobile Security Suite is an anti-virus security solution for Pocket PC that runs on Windows Mobile operating system. The package can be downloaded via the site and users can request for a free demo.
DRWEB security space
F-secure Mobile Security
F-Secure Mobile Security is a completed mobile security software package which includes anti-virus, anti –spyware, a firewall and a remote control anti-theft feature for protection of the Smartphone and pocket PC. The package is a commercial version developed by F-Secure Corporation. Users can receive a 30 day trial period for free.


Kaspersky Mobile Security
Kaspersky Mobile Security is a complete protection package for the Smartphone. The package includes anti-theft protection, virus protection, firewall and anti-spam for SMS, EMS and MMS.
Kaspersky Mobile Security
Norton Smartphone Security
Norton Smartphone Security is a well known antivirus package which includes anti-spam and firewall for Smartphone protection. The package is offered by Symantec.
ESET Mobile Antivirus
A fully integrated real time protection package against any malicious attacks to your Smartphone. Its On-Demand Scanning includes scanning of principle memory and portable memory media, full memory and running processes scan.
Specific folder scanning is also possible. Advanced On-Access protection offers effective scanning of all created/used files with enhanced virus detection capabilities and access time. Scanning of files incoming via wireless connections is covered (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Infrared). Like others it also provides SMS spam protection and a user friendly activity log.
Whatever mobile antivirus you go for a few extra tips to protecting your phone is to never accept any content on Bluetooth if you do not know the sender. Be very cautious when installing third party softwares such as games, ringtones, wallpapers, or theme-packs.


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