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Proteus, an open source Meta search engine script from the coders of RBS (Reverse Bidding System), Cogzidel Technologies Pvt Ltd. Proteus is a FREE versatile, robust and highly customizable open source Meta search engine script which is offered under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. Proteus comes with inbuilt search modules including Web, Images, News and Videos with easy admin area. This Meta search engine script pulls its data from search industry giants such as Google, Yahoo and Entireweb via API. The Video search listings are pulled with the help of Youtube API. Proteus comes with flexible and powerful admin area which lets you to control each aspect of the script with minimum effort. You can easily re-arrange the blocks of the search listings of news, videos, web and images from the admin area. Proteus pulls the search listing from your desired Google Data Centers with your preferred language and you can determine the default search engine source (Google, Yahoo, Bing or Entireweb) from your admin area. The Adult Filter allows you to prevent some items appearing in your search results. The cache functionality has been implemented to retrieve faster search results in minimal time. You can also filter the keywords, book mark, write reviews, and rate your search results as well. Industries: Niche industry, search engine industry. Tags: Search engine script, FREE Meta search script, K search clone, FREE PHP search script.


Meta Search (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube and Entireweb API) Inbuilt Web, News, images, Video modules Re-arranging the search listing by modules Related search Malware indication in search results Advanced search User Preferences Cache functionality for faster retrieval Web history Adult filter Book marking Preferred Datacenter search listing Preferred language search listing Site directory Star Rating and review Word filter File format support (html, pdf, text, doc, ppt, rss feeds, xl and etc)


Operating System: Linux, Windows Web Server: Apache PHP 5 And Above MySQL 5 And Above Mod_rewrite Cron Jobs GD Library


User area
Username : cogzidel
Password : testuser
Admin area
Username : admin
Password : admin


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