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How To Trace Google Adsense Clicks

Tracing Google Adsense Clicks and keeping them in a record is another way of protecting your blog from invalid adsense clicks. The saved records of IP address geo-location of IP address and the click activity will be your lifesaver if you became a victim of Adsense invalid click activity.
As you already aware of, Google is getting more strict about adsense invalid click activity and therefore hundreds of thousands of accounts getting disabled every day. That’s why in this article I’m going to show you how to trace the adsense click activity on your blog, who clicked on your ads, from which IP they clicked, where the IP is located and from which page or article they clicked?, these records are very useful to produce to google if something goes wrong.

How to Tracing Google Adsense Clicks on my Blog

- To start with this you must need a free or paid account on StatCounter. StatCounter offers free and paid account options and it depends on you which type of account needed. VisitStatCounter account and create a new account now. The statcounter script can be used for tracing Google Adsense clicks.
- Install script in your blog. I prefer in footer.php or header.php.
- Once the script is installed you may need few minutes for tracing Google Adsense clicks on your StatCounter account, there are several reports available, but we are just learning about how to tracing Google Adsense clicks.
- Click on Exit Link Activity from the left menu. Here you will see detailed information of all the exit links from your blog including adsense clicks. Refer to the image below:

- in the above picture, 1 is; where you should click to get detailed report. 2 is; the clicked exit links and which starts from googleads.g.doubleclick… which are the ads clicked on your blog. and next to it 3 is; from which page the ads been clicked.
-Now click on the magnify glass icon before the date of each line which you give you more detailed information about the clicks, including IP address, geo-location and much more. Refer to the image below:

- From the above image you can see the activity of a specified visitor including; Search Referral, IP Address, Location, Visit Length, Browser, OS etc and if you scroll down more you will see more details of the visit under Navigation Path.
That̢۪s it, now keep this by getting screen-shot or whatever way you prefer and save it. This way you will do something to protect you from adsense invalid clicks as well as tracing the visitors activity on your blog.
Thanks for reading my tutorial about Tracing Google Adsense Clicks through StatCounter


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